Our diversified approach to professional services enabled us to develop a portfolio of clients in specialized industries. Our client-focused approach coupled with our ability to access specialized skills at RSM US LLP and other alliance firms allows us to meet the demands of new and existing clients in almost every industry.

We also attend industry-specific conferences presented by the AICPA, PICPA and RSM US Alliance to ensure that we stay abreast of current developments in our areas of specialization.



Financial Institutions Accounting

We have a long history of service to financial institutions, having provided audit, tax and advisory services, including comfort letters for public offerings, internal audit outsourcing and SOX.

Our clients have ranged from community banks to public multi-branch bank holding companies which are regulated by the SEC. Our staff members are continually trained in the financial services industry in order to provide the highest level of service and expertise.

Internal audit outsourcing is a growing trend to which we have responded. We employ a team of experts whose internal audit program is recognized as first-rate by our clients.

Our affiliation with the RSM US Alliance offers us access to cutting edge auditing, consulting and SEC advice, developed by RSM USLLP in their service to over 2,000 financial institutions.

Non-Profit and Governmental Accounting

Our Firm is recognized for our extensive experience in audit, tax and consulting services to not-for-profit and governmental organizations. Our portfolio includes some of the most of the prominent organizations in our region. Also, this portfolio is regarded as an "industry concentration" by outside reviewers who perform the independent Peer Review of our Accounting and Auditing practice.

Several of our not-for-profit and governmental clients are recipients of Federal Awards, either directly or as subrecipients.  Our staff personnel have been involved in the compliance audits and regulatory reporting of not-for-profit and governmental organizations for several years and are well-trained in the requirements that are part of auditing within the industry. We take great care to assure proper reporting in this very sensitive audit area.

We have provided management services to our clients, such as internal control reviews and assistance with budgeting and forecasting.  We have worked closely with management in preparing bond offerings and refinancing of debt issues.  Also, we have experience with the compliance filings and program audits required by the various Pennsylvania government grants and agencies.

Manufacturing Accounting

We provide audit, tax and consulting services to many types of manufacturers, both those with job order costing and those with process cost systems. We have assisted in the design of cost accounting systems to track price and material variances.

RSM US Alliance has a niche in the manufacturing industry and is a recognized leader in cost studies and consulting services conducted by their manufacturing services group.

Retail and Wholesale Accounting

Our practice in the area of multi-outlet retail/wholesale facilities includes food service and the automotive industry. We provide audit, review, compilation or consultation services as needed.  These clients have unique requirements as to cash flow, financing, inventory management and internal control over daily receipts. In addition, analysis of the feasibility of expansion and acquisition is commonly required.

We provide services to a wide range of domestic and foreign auto dealerships. We also have access to the specialized services of RSM US Alliance, who has developed an auto dealer consulting group, based in North Carolina.

Construction Accounting

Our client portfolio consists of companies who are residential builders, nonresidential builders and specialty trades. We provide audit, review, compilation or consultation services as needed.  We are aware of the unique concerns of the industry, such as financing, bonding, dependence on subcontractors and the cost of employee benefits.  We understand the need for financial reporting that can be used to analyze costs, to assist you in your bid process and to obtain bonding.

Healthcare Accounting

We have been actively involved in providing services within the health care industry for many years. We serve numerous physicians, as well as several long-term care facilities. Also, we are experienced in the preparation of Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.

The rapid changes in health care have been followed by our staff through regular training programs and industry conferences. We have developed a working relationship with other Alliance firms to expand the range of services we can bring to our health care clients.

Employee Benefit Plans Auditing

We have extensive experience in the audits of employee benefit plans of all types. We have a team of professionalsdedicated to this industry that have the experience needed to comply with regulatory and reporting requirements.

Our client portfolio consists of defined contribution plans such as 401(k) and defined benefit plans. We also audit ESOP's and multi-employer plans.